GDPR PRIVACY-exam + Analysis + Consult

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To test your knowledge take the GDPR PRIVACY-exam and get your Personal Results Analysis, which tells you your focus points. After that we discuss your weaker areas during a 90-minute Video Consult. Ask us anything and we make sure you are prepared to certify!


After taking the GDPR PRIVACY-exam you will see your score as a percentage in each of the three domains. This might be enough information if you aced the test, but that doesn’t happen a lot. If you want to know exactly which topics you failed on, we will send the Analysis of your Results. The Personal Analysis shows you all the subjects you failed on and gives a summary of all difficult topics. With this information we will discuss your results in a 90-minute video call. During the personal video consult you can ask all the questions you like! We will give you tips and tricks to pass the difficult CIPP-E exam.


This package is strictly personal! The analysis will be send to you as a pdf document and the consult is a one-on-one video call.


With help of the analysis and the video consult you can focus your final study hours on your weaker areas. This will save you many hours of reading through texts you already know. Study efficiently with the GDPR PRIVACY-exam and Analysis and Consult!


When you have studied the focus points again, you might want to have another go at the trial exam to see if you improved. With your analysis you will receive a voucher for a 50% discount on the single trial exam. Enjoy all the benefits of GDPR PRIVACY-exam + Analysis + Consult. Let’s make you pass the certification exam on your first attempt!

1 review for GDPR PRIVACY-exam + Analysis + Consult

  1. Sophia

    I already took a course somewhere else, but that didn’t prepare me at all for the exam, which I failed. I noticed this option later and this was a perfect preparation for my retake. The trial exam is really very similar to the real exam and with the analysis I could just study the topics I didn’t know enough about. The video consult was very useful, as we went through all the questions of the practice exam and it gave me a different perspective. Happy that I passed now!

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