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Use as a resource of free information, law articles and many downloads.

Find out more about our unique privacy training courses, tailormade to each individual.
Test your knowledge with the best trial exams available and certify with experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how we operate, how this website works and how our products and services help you and your organization towards compliance with data protection laws like the GDPR. For questions about what we do with your personal data, please visit our privacy section below. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. also operates from and, so the questions and answers in this section also apply to those websites.

We are just a small organization with low overhead costs, which allows us to offer our high quality products and services much cheaper than other organizations. Our trial exams are unique and so close to the real thing, that they are by far the best practice tools to use before a certification exam. Our training courses are personal and adjusted to your schedule. No prior knowledge is required, we don’t just feed you information after which you don’t know what to about it, but we guide you from the very start until you have certified.

For larger organizations there are some great opportunities with which we gladly would like to help. We developed the application of ourselves and it can be used for all kinds of training courses; not just privacy related. To train your staff and test their knowledge with assessments or exams, our application can be tailor-made to your needs and specifications. Please send us an e-mail on with your questions and we will get back to you.

Some training courses can be done in-house or in a classroom; we have partners that still provide training courses in the traditional way and we are happy to get you in touch with them. Our partners are based in Europe and the United Kingdom, but they can even provide you online classroom courses, so your location doesn’t have to be a restriction. If you want to know more about these options, please e-mail us on

We are always interested in certified professionals that can help us to extend our curriculum by creating more training courses and trial exams. We already have the software and the platform, but good content is always welcome. If you have other ideas or if you provide services that can help our business grow, just send us a message on We’re not looking for developers or sales people.

We are working on training platforms that use the same applications as on and and some might come available in 2022. Ideas for other industries are always welcome and partnerships with trainers and consultants will always be considered. So, if you have any ideas, please send us an e-mail on

The founder and owner of and creator of and is Bastiaan Hennis, CIPP/E. He started with the idea while preparing for the CIPP/E certification exam. When the GDPR just took effect in May 2018, there was hardly any practice material available to prepare for the difficult exam, so Bas took matters into his own hands and made a full, 90-questions trial exam. After realizing that other people might find this useful for practice as well, he decided to develop a website on which people could take the trial exam in a similar environment as the certification exam. A couple of years down the line the trial exam is still considered to be the best way to prepare for a certification exam and Bas decided to expand with a training course that guides participants from start to certification in their own time. While still in a test-phase, PRIVACY-courses has already proven to be a very effective training method, even for those that have to study next to a full time job.

At we love to help you to prepare for official certifications, but we don’t yet give them out ourselves. This would significantly increase the costs and we rather keep them low, so to help individuals who don’t want to spend thousands of Euros for training courses. Of course we still maintain the highest level of quality and our trial exams and training courses are constantly being reviewed by certified professionals.


Privacy Notice

This privacy policy will explain how our organization uses the personal data we collect from you when you use our website. Our mission is to inform individuals and help companies be compliant with privacy regulations. We strive towards total transparency of our goals and purposes, and as a commercial organisation we aim to give a good example in all our policies. is just a small company, so if you notice anything in our communications or on our website(s) that would not be in line with our mission, please be so kind as to inform us and we will explain or change it accordingly.

On this website we collect your personal data if you make a purchase. When you buy our test exam, you will be asked to make up a username and password for your account. We also need a verifiable e-mail address, so that we can send you your token (which is needed to take the exam). When you make a purchase, your payment details are collected by PayPal; we don’t store that information. When we process your order, it may send your data to, and also use the resulting information from, credit reference agencies to prevent fraudulent purchases.
When you take the exam, we collect the answers and link them to the e-mail account you have used to register on our website. The reasons we need your results are threefold: first of all, if you decide you want to have a Personal Preparation Consult or you have booked a course with us that includes the trial exam, we base part of our personal advice on the answers you gave, so you will know which topics require your attention. Second, if you passed our exam, but for some reason didn’t pass your certification exam, you might want to get your money back (according to our guarantee) and that requires us to know if you passed our trial exam. The final reason we use your results for is the statistics and quality control of the exam (for example: if every participant should answer the same questions wrongly, we might want to review these questions).
We will retain the link of your scores with your e-mail address for one year, during which time you can take a course with us for which we might need the data. After this period your data will be anonymised, which means the scores will be detached from your personal information and henceforth only be used for statistical purposes and to improve or adjust our exam(s).

At any time during the course of the first year you can request with us your final scores per exam and category (information you will receive once you submit your trial exam), but the texts of the questions, answers and cases from the exam will not be released to protect our copyright. Also, in most official certification exams you will not see these texts afterwards either.

We have no deals to buy personal information from other parties, nor do we sell your data to others. We only collect the data that you provide us, for instance to send you your token which gives access to the exam. If you have taken the exam, your final scores are kept in case you make a claim to get your money back and we need to verify that you passed your test exam.

In other cases, we like to know what’s going on, so you might be asked to enter a survey or leave a review. The answers you give there will be anonymous, unless otherwise stated, or unless you don’t want them to be and you give your consent. In the future we will bring you more privacy-related products and services that you might be interested in, but in that case, this notice will be updated as well.

PRIVACY-exam and do not work with processors outside the European Union. We are focussed on the companies in the EU, but (obviously) our website can be viewed from other countries as well. Our server is located in the Netherlands and the external processors we use are PayPal (offices in the EU) and Google (offices in the EU). Our own office is in the Netherlands as well, but we travel a lot and might now and then log in from abroad to review the statistics on our website. This has, however, nothing to do with your data.

Changes to our user’s profiles will only be made by the user, or from an EU location if necessary. Should you, as a user, be outside the EU when you adjust your profile, please make sure you are using a secure Internet Service Provider and an encrypted connection (but anyone should do that at any given moment).

After the collection of your data and only if you have made a purchase, we will store your e-mail address, the username you made up and any additional information that you added to your profile. This information is kept securely and encrypted on our server in the Netherlands, which is hosted by If you don’t change anything in your profile and you don’t make any additional purchases with us, for the duration of a year, your personal data will be deleted. We will also delete your information if you request us to, or if we are for some reason, required by law to do so.

For the cookies we use on our website we use shorter retainment periods of three months or even as short as the duration of a visit to our website. We need to retain the data of some cookies to have a functioning website. For example: if your internet connection fails during your exam, it wouldn’t be fair to you if you can’t login anymore to complete the exam, so a cookie is needed to tell our website that you were in the middle of something.

At PRIVACY-exam we think that you should be the one who determines what to do with your personal data. At any moment you can exercise your rights as a data subject. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data subjects have several rights, which include: the right to access, to rectification, to erasure, to information, to data portability, to restriction of processing, to object and finally, to not be subject to decisions based on automated processing (profiling).

These are a lot of rights and there broadly explained in our exam tips. If you are about to take the exam, you should know what all these rights mean. To summarize for this particular situation, you can let us know if you think something is wrong with your data and what you would like us to do with it. You can also do it yourself, because you can find your data on your profile page.

Without exception you can withdraw consent that you have given before. This applies to data we process of you if consent was given to do so. So that does not include the e-mail address you gave us when you made a purchase, because we, for at least a short period of time, have a legitimate interest to retain that information; otherwise we can’t send you your token to take the exam for example. For other information that is not needed to fulfil our duty as your supplier (or for legal reasons should there be any), and for which you gave your consent, you can always withdraw that consent. Keep in mind that this applies to all organisations that you gave your consent to. Not all organisations are so keen to notify you of your rights.

If we have an escalating problem which you feel we can’t get out of, you can always lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. You can do that with our lead supervisory authority (which is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) in the Netherlands, because we are located there. You can also lodge your complaint with the Supervisory Authority in the country where you reside, where you work or where the processing of your data has taken place. The choice is yours. Obviously, we would like to respond to all your questions and complaints, in the hopefully very rare case you should have any.

PRIVACY-exam uses different cookies for different purposes. If you have first visited our website (or for the first time in three months or from a different device), you have seen our cookie notice. It says we are using three types of cookies, necessary cookies, analytic cookies and tracking cookies. Here’s what they do:

Necessary cookies, the pre-checked box, are used for the performance of our website and, for example, make sure that if you are doing your exam, the system remembers the answers you have given. Without these cookies we can’t provide you with a working website; that is why these are called necessary and the box is pre-checked.

Analytic cookies are used to analyse our website. If you check this box, we can see for how long you have been on a certain page, which page you came in on, if this statement is clicked on, etc. This information helps us to make a better website, show popular items first and delete others that are not seen by anyone anyway. Because cookies in theory can be used to identify you as a natural person, these are considered to be personal data and therefore are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (and the ePrivacy Directive). We only use the cookies you accept to use for statistical purposes and not to identify you, but still we would like your consent for this.


A Must Take!!

I gave my privacy exam a week prior to my certification exam and as promised, Bas gave me a personalised analysis test to help me understand my weaker areas and where can i study them.
The privacy exam helped me to set the tone and analysis helped me to pasd the certification.
I would recommend eveyrone to take privay exam before taking your certification exam.

Trial exam
Privacy-exam is a good prep tool

The “trial exam” was a good way to mentally prepare for sitting the actual certification exam. In addition, the trial exam analysis was useful: Bas provided key focus areas and advice on how to focus preparation. Overall, I found very responsive and helpful in my overall prep for the CIPP/E certification. And, of course, I was successful on the exam after my first attempt. Thank you Bas & Privacy-exam!


Trial exam

I used Privacy -exam during my preparation for my CIPPE. I found it useful as the question we’re carefully set. Thanks Bas.

Trial exam
The most trustworthy exam!

This was the most trustworthy exam I found. I took it the night before taking the CIPP/E exam, which I passed. This is very helpful and I strongly advise everyone taking the CIPP to try this one first. The question are exactly the same type as the ones in the real exam, so you get the exact same feel. The questions are all very pertinent and correct!


Trial exam
I passed my exam!

I just passed my exam today thanks to privacy-exam. It is the only way to 1)get a feel for the real exam, 2)identify what areas you need to focus on and 3) overall prepare i.e. time management, range of topics etc. If you are considering it I would strongly advise it, it is worth the money and cheaper than paying for a resit!

Trial exam
The exam structure mimics the real exam experience

The exam structure mimics the real exam experience and prepares you well to the questions format and tricks.
The exam admin was very helpful throughout the registration process and is a very active member on the Facebook study group.

Trial exam

Great methods to test your understanding and familiarising with the exam style.

Trial exam
Privacy-exam is the most realistic mock CIPP/E exam

Privacy-exam is very easy to register and easy to access prep exam for the CIPP/E exam. Although there are some books and mock questions available, I thought that privacy-exam provided the most realistic exam experience in preparation of the exam.

Trial exam

I took this exam a few weeks ago and it really showed me where I needed to focus. Bas is incredibly responsive and helpful and I would suggest strongly that you take this exam before the CIPPE exam

Trial exam
100% recommend

I took the trial exam a few days before the date of the actual CIPP/E certification exam, as way to understand whether I was ready or not. Overall it gave me confidence to go through with the examination and allowed me to understand what my weaknesses were and what I should focus my studies on. It is also very insightful in terms of the type of questions, question formulation and time management. I would 100% recommend.

Trial exam
Highly recommended!

I decided to take the privay-exam once I felt I was well prepared. Bas Ha was super helpful when I msgd for a code. Not only that it was almost like 24/7 support. Bas is always available. I got my feedback as promised. I wanted to retake the trial exam just before my actual test and there were some issues due to which the payment didn”t go through despite both of us trying out different things. I decided to leave it and told Bas the same. But Bas went a step further and gave me a free retake of the exam. I highly, highly recommend it as it sets you up for the actual exam.
Thank you Bas for your help and support right through.

Trial exam
Very thankful

Very thankful to the team. I purchased their practice test 2 days before my exam and the analysis I got back came in right away. It definitely helped me focus the remaining study time I had prior to taking the exam and was a big part in helping me prepare. Would definitely recommend!

Trial exam
All worth it!

I was a bit sceptical because of the price for the trial exam, but in the end decided to give it a try because I couldn’t find any other resources with sample questions. It was an excellent test and gave me the confidence I needed to go up for the certification exam.

Trial exam
Trial Exam CIPP/E

The ability to do a real trial exam for the CIPP/E exam via privacy-exam was extremely helpful; it made me aware of the variety of questions and also gave me insights on the topics I needed to pay a bit more attention to. I am 100% sure this trial-exam supported me with passing the real exam this morning.

Trial exam
Perfect Preparation!!

I did the practice exam and analysis option. The exam was extremely helpful in the type of questions and the interface and format thereof. I managed to pass all the sections, but did show me where to tighten up a bit and study the questions slightly differently in preparation for the exam. I received the analysis from Bas within about an hour or 2 and this also gave further guidance!

Trial exam
Best of the CIPP/E Practice exams by FAR!

I almost didn’t take this exam because I figured I was well-prepared and so I’d be fine but I DID NEED IT! I had studied and at the last minute figured, “Oh, why not?” and I failed one of the domains. I was shocked! But it showed me that I knew the information but not in the right way to pass the test. I altered my studying and then passed the real exam and I believe I would not have passed if I didn’t take the PRIVACY-exam beforehand. I highly, highly recommend it!
I had emailed to ask if I could get my analysis that weekend and he got my results back to me straight away (so that’s yet another gold star for customer service).

Trial exam
Really useful practice exam for CIPP/E

Really useful to do this as a mock exam ahead of the real CIPP/E examination. Reflected the difficulty of the real one and gave me pointers for my last days of revision ahead of taking (and passing) CIPP/E

Trial exam
Delivers what it promises

Delivers what it promises. You get access to a trial exam that is pretty similar to the real thing (in style and in types of questions – the questions themselves are obviously different). This gives you a good idea of what you will be facing, and possibly also an idea of areas you have to devote a bit more attention to before you go and take the actual exam.

Trial exam
Unrestricted Recommendation

In studying for the CIPP/E the major challenge was getting a real feeling for the exam. There are several books available regarding the exam, however most of them just provide a simplistic version. This exam is challenging and I wanted to understand the level of challenge., this is where was EXCELLENT. I have to single out Bas Ha who was my personal contact point for all his help. My recommendation is to use the prep test and evaluation option so that you can understand your weaknesses and focus on correcting them. I fully endorse using in your exam preparation for CIPP/E

Trial exam
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