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Are you looking to become a Certified Information Privacy Professional in Europe (CIPP/E) quickly and confidently? Look no further! Our new and improved CIPP/E Coach is here to help you achieve your certification goals with our intensive coaching curriculum and exclusive benefits.

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Who is this training path for?

Personalized Coaching Experience

Personalized attention for CIPP/E certification. No more generic materials. Get tailored one-on-one sessions with a dedicated trainer, regardless of your level of expertise. Maximize your success with CIPP/E Coach.

Global Availability

We offer our coaching program exclusively in EU countries. For those outside the EU, simply have a look at the great eLearning and testing options on 22Academy.com.

Affordable Investment

For an investment much lower than for a two-day classroom course, CIPP/E Coach offers incredible value for its comprehensive coaching curriculum, personalized consults, and exclusive materials.

Personal Consults

Get comprehensive support in our one-month coaching program. Benefit from four hour-long personal consults, expertly addressing your questions, study techniques, and the IAPP certification process. We'll guide you from booking to certification success.

Exclusive Materials

Elevate your exam readiness with exclusive materials as a CIPP/E Coach participant. Our curated resources offer valuable insights, examples, and strategies to reinforce your understanding of privacy laws, regulations, and best practices. Boost your success with comprehensive preparation.

Special Homework Assignments

Deepen your learning with our special homework assignments. Automatically emailed during the course, these challenging tasks strengthen your critical thinking skills, applying knowledge to real-world scenarios. Elevate your understanding and excel in the CIPP/E exam.

CIPP/E Coach is designed for individuals who are seeking to become Certified Information Privacy Professionals in Europe (CIPP/E). This product is ideal for:

  • Privacy Professionals: Privacy officers, data protection officers, and professionals working in the field of data privacy who want to enhance their knowledge and skills and earn the prestigious CIPP/E certification.
  • Legal and Compliance Professionals: Lawyers, legal consultants, and compliance officers who deal with privacy laws and regulations and want to strengthen their expertise in European data protection.
  • IT and Security Professionals: IT managers, security analysts, and professionals responsible for safeguarding personal data and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Privacy Consultants: Individuals working as independent privacy consultants who wish to expand their credentials and provide more comprehensive services to their clients.
  • Professionals Transitioning into Privacy: Those looking to switch careers or enter the privacy field can benefit from the comprehensive coaching curriculum and one-on-one guidance provided by CIPP/E Coach.
  • Individuals Seeking Career Advancement: Professionals who recognize the value of privacy certifications in today’s data-driven world and aim to boost their career prospects by acquiring the CIPP/E designation.
  • No matter your background or level of expertise, the CIPP/E Coach will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the field of data privacy and successfully pass the CIPP/E exam.

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What you will learn

The CIPP/E Coach Study Program includes a complete eLearning Course on 22Academy.com, covering the entire CIPP/E Curriculum. This training course consists of 18 modules. Following every five or six modules, a repetition module is incorporated to review the theory previously covered. Each module includes a quiz comprising multiple questions. Upon successful completion of the quiz, you will gain access to the subsequent module.

  • Coaching Session 1 (on day 1)
    In a one-hour Zoom call we will discuss your personal situation, we’ll make a personal study plan for you and we register you for your eLearning course. Take into account that the average student requires about three hours of study for every day during this one-month study path. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how you can book your exam, what the benefits are of taking it at an exam location versus online, and the resources you could use during your study.
  • eLearning Course week 1
    You will start with the first few modules in your course.
    • Module 1: Introduction
      Introduction to the course with an explanation of how the courseware works, how you can set your preferred end date, where and how to book your exam and if you should become a member of IAPP. It will include some tips on how to save money as well (don’t buy a textbook just yet).
    • Module 2: History and European Union Institutions
      We will discuss the Rationale for data protection, Human rights laws, OECD Guidelines and the Council of Europe, Convention 108+, a harmonized European approach, The Treaty of Lisbon and Brexit. Then we go into detail about the European Court of Human Rights, the European Parliament, the Commission, the Council and the Court of Justice of the European Union.
    • Module 3: Legislative Framework
      You will find articles about The CoE Convention, The EU Data Protection Directive, The ePrivacy Directive – as amended, The EU Directive on Electronic Commerce, European data retention regimes, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the NIS Directive and The EU Artificial Intelligence Act.
    • Module 4: GDPR Concepts
      This module is an introduction to the GDPR and will tell you about the concepts of data protection, like Personal data, Sensitive personal data, Special categories of personal data, Pseudonymous and anonymous data, Processing, Controller, Processor and what a Data subject exactly is.
    • Module 5: Material and Territorial Scope
      This module is about the Territorial and Material Scope of the GDPR, handling concepts like an Establishment in the EU and a Non-establishment in the EU.
    • Module 6: Repeat and Test
      As mentioned, this module is to repeat the previously learned materials.
  • Homework Assignment 1
    Confusing subjects, confusing questions, the use of NOT, etc. This assignment is about how to study and how to read.
  • Coaching Session 2 (on day 8)
    In a one-hour Zoom call we will discuss your homework assignment and any questions you have so far. You now know what the GDPR is and where it came from. After this we will dive deeper into the articles of the GDPR. The coming week is most important for the theory.


  • eLearning Course week 2
    You will resume studying the modules in your course, according to the schedule.

    • Module 7: Principles

    The principles include Fairness and lawfulness, Purpose limitation, Proportionality, Accuracy, Storage limitation and Integrity and confidentiality.

    • Module 8: Legal Bases and Information Provision

    This module will discuss the Lawful Processing Criteria like Consent, Contractual necessity, Legal obligation, vital interests and public interest, Legitimate interests and processing Special categories of data. And we will give you more information about the Transparency principle, Privacy notices, and Layered notices.

    • Module 9: Data Subject Rights

    In the first part of this module you will learn about the Right to Access, Rectification, Erasure and the right to be forgotten, Restriction and objection, Consent and the right of withdrawal. The second part goes deeper into the Right to Data portability, Automated decision making, including profiling and the Restrictions and limitations to rights.

    • Module 10: Security

    In this module we will discuss about topics like Appropriate technical and organizational measures, Encryption, Access controls, Breach notifications, Risk reporting requirements, Vendor Management and Data sharing.

    • Module 11: Accountability

    Accountability refers to Responsibility of Controllers and Processors. We dive deeper into the concepts of Data protection by design and by default, Documentation and cooperation with regulators, Data protection impact assessments (DPIA), Mandatory data protection officers and Auditing of privacy programs.

    • Module 12: Repeat and Test

    You will find a summary of the previously mentioned subject in this module, so you can repeat what you have learned so far.


  • Homework Assignment 2
    Predicting CIPP/E Exam Questions: for each module in this week, there will be an email with an assignment to make a multiple-choice question (or two) about a Key Issue in that module. We’ll use a different model question from the blog post about cipp/e questions.
  • Coaching Session 3 (on day 15)
    In a one-hour Zoom call we will discuss your homework assignment and see the quality and complexity of the result (the multiple-choice questions). We will also discuss any other questions you might have and prepare you for the last week of study before the final practice week.


  • eLearning Course week 2
    You will start with the first few modules in your course.

    • Module 13: International Data Transfers

    This module is about the Rationale for prohibition, Adequate jurisdictions, data transfers between the EU and the US, covering Safe Harbor, Privacy Shield, the Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework and the implications of the ‘Schrems decisions’. Furthermore, we take a look at transfer mechanisms like, Standard Contractual Clauses, Binding Corporate Rules, Codes of Conduct and Certifications, Derogations and Transfer impact assessments (TIAs).

    • Module 14: Supervision, Enforcement and Consequences

    This module covers Supervisory authorities and their powers, The European Data Protection Board and the role of the European Data Protection Supervisor. We will also discuss the consequences of GDPR violations with the Process and procedures, Infringements and fines, Class actions and data subject compensation.

    • Module 15: Employment and Surveillance

    In this module we’ll discuss the Legal basis for processing of employee data, Storage of personnel records, Workplace monitoring and data loss prevention, EU Works councils, Whistleblowing systems and ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) programs. It also dives deeper into Surveillance by public authorities, Interception of communications, Closed-circuit television, Geolocation and Biometrics and facial recognition.

    • Module 16: Marketing and New Technologies

    The marketing and new technologies module is concerned with Telemarketing, Direct marketing and Online behavioural targeting, and we will discuss Cloud computing, Web cookies, Search engine marketing, Social media platforms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with machine learning and ethical issues.

    • Module 17: Repeating Previous Topics

    This is the last module in which previously studied topics will be repeated and tested.

    • Module 18: Concluding Your Course

    The final module of this course will tell you what to do next and how to get ready for that challenging certification exam. It will be explained how to take the trial exam and download your results afterwards.


  • Trial Exam 1
    After completion of the training course, you’re ready to take the trial exam. The analysis is available afterwards and it will tell you exactly which topics to revisit in your course.


  • Homework Assignment 3
    Scenario questions: you have received a scenario (study case) to practice with. From each paragraph you should make a multiple-choice question. The answer to the question cannot be available in the text; it has to be reasoned with the knowledge you have gained so far. You can also underline the phrases that are important.
  • Coaching Session 4 (on day 25)
    In a final one-hour Zoom call we will discuss your homework assignment and we’ll give you some tips on how to approach scenario questions. We will then briefly go over the trial exam results and explain what to study during the final week of preparations. We will give a first recommendation on whether to take the exam or to postpone it.


  • Trial Exam 2
    This final trial exam is to get into the flow before your exam. If all went well, you’ll be ready to take your exam. Should you fail this second attempt, you will need to postpone if you still can.

CIPP/E Coach is available for your colleagues as well, but we only provide individual coaching, to guarantee complete dedication and make you pass that difficult exam on the first attempt.

If you would like to pay by invoice, if you want to book for multiple people, or if you have any other requests, just send us an email on info@privasy.eu or use the contact form below.

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About your Coach

Introducing Bastiaan Hennis (Bas), your trusted CIPP/E Coach and certified privacy professional. With vast experience in creating comprehensive training courses and top-notch study materials, Bas has helped countless individuals pass their CIPP/E exams. Benefit from his expertise through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, addressing your specific learning needs and goals. His acclaimed trial exam ensures you’re well-prepared for the real exam.

Bastiaan’s commitment to excellence is evident in his visionary initiatives like PRIVASY.eu and 22Academy.com. Choose the CIPP/E Coach for a rewarding learning journey guided by an experienced professional who will go above and beyond to help you achieve your certification goals. Prepare for an enriching learning experience with Bas as your expert tutor.

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